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June 4, 2011


I’m Guilty

When Chicken has a work dinner event I’m secretly pleased because it means I get to watch trash TV. There are many nights we don’t have the TV on at all (like all this week) because she is working all night and I’m busy in the kitchen, etc. I actually like NOT watching TV because I get so much done. But if I’m all alone…the lure is just too strong to fight sometimes!

What do I watch?
  • Intervention (I love me some good junkie stories)
  • 16 and Pregnant
  • Teen Mom
I used to watch Hoarders, but it was too depressing even for me. Seems like a lot of you watch Sister Wives….hmmm. Might have to check that out.

There’s a CVS across the street from me and I’m in there almost daily for a milk run (cheapest in the hood for hormone free milk). That damn CVS loves to put cereal on sale and they display it right as you walk in. If they have Cocoa Pebbles on sale (2 for $5!), I buy one…or two. And then you will find me eating a huge bowl of cereal for dinner and um, maybe lunch. It’s so BAD.
I cannot pass a Dairy Queen without jonseing for a Snickers Blizzard. Thankfully there’s not a DQ for miles around.
Starbucks Bacon/Egg/Gouda sandwich (is that a guilty treat? It feels indulgent to order a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks.)
If I’m in Asia, I crave frozen Twix and super cold Diet Coke. Why in Asia? I have no idea…..

Chicken’s new guilty pleasure is very specific: Victoria’s Secret cotton gstrings. She ordered a batch (can panties be a batch?) the other day and I opened them up, looked at the receipt and declared, “You paid $9.99 for ONE pair of panties?!” Because I’m a 3 for $10 kind of bargain undie shopper. She looked appalled and said, “That pair was for your birthday.” Oops. I sheepishly apologized and then let her know…they were the wrong size. No present for me!

KJ–I’ll try to find some old HS photos to scan in when I have time (hahahaha).
Also, I had a nanny audition today. She’s pretty good…and cute, too!