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June 24, 2011


Going Shopping

Rainy Day Indoor Fun: Going Shopping

I don’t know where they got it, because neither of us are big shoppers BUT these are NYC kids and they see everything from their stroller! I have a bunch of shopping bags stuck in between the wall and the fridge and they found them, put them on their arms, went to the door, waved bye bye and blew me kisses.
Crazy the things they come up with. They see and hear everything!!!

And of course, there’s more fun to be had with your shopping bag…


I don’t even know where to start. We are all doing great, but oh so busy. I’ve been nanny free for over 3 weeks now and while most days are great (really!) the last two have made me crazy. Granted I put myself in some stressful situations in trying to be twin supermom and keeping up with my mom friends (with singletons) going to concerts and fountains and easy-with-one-kid-but-insane-with-twins stuff.

I know there are those who disagree with me, but if you don’t have twins, you just don’t get it.
Doubt me? Take my boys to the playground for an hour and get back to me on your thoughts.

W2, is high insane energy. He is hard, hard work and he has been since day 1! He does not stop. The boy is intense and unless you’ve had even 1 kid like him, you won’t get it.
Grunter is *more* laid back and I’m very thankful for that!
Neither one are kids that stay near mommy when outside and they don’t need to be near each other either. Mostly, they run in the exact opposite direction. I run non-stop damage control!

All my “mom” friends are in agreement about W2, he is like a smiley tornado tearing through. He plows over anything in his way in order to get what he wants. He had his first outside temper tantrum yesterday over another kid’s toy. His emotions are so intense. He gets so focused on ONE thing. Distraction means nothing to him.

I worry about Grunter not getting enough attention from me and try so hard to get the balance right.

They are a blast (overall) and everyday spent with them is amazing. This age is exhausting for me, but so much fun, too!

I have so much more I want to write, but not much time these days.

Chicken has been traveling some (4 days in Chicago, 3 coming up to SF), and I’ll be solo. It’s crazy hard, but incredibly rewarding at the end of the day to know that I did it all by myself. I thought for so long I couldn’t, but I really can and I am.
(but I’d still like a little p/t help before I collapse!)

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