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September 14, 2011


Potty Training Update

We decided to go ahead and order the Baby Bjorn potty seats for the twins–one each.
They–and I–are not ready to begin the real process, but since they’d shown an interest in the big toilet and Whoop Whoop had used it a number of times, I thought, ‘hey, why not?’
Interestingly enough, it’s Grunter–not Whoop Whoop–who wants to sit on the potty and has gone pee quite a few times. It’s so cute! He’s so freaking proud of himself.

We will see what happens from here. No pressure. When we’re all ready I’m going to try the na.ked 3-day potty training. The weather is too nice to do that right now!

And with most things that come in a box, the box is way more fun than than the product inside! W2 is obsessed with the broom and dust pan, so we have 2 small ones for each of them.
Grunter’s got the best seat in the house to read with his dolly.

Story Time in the Box. Love it. Both books are upside down:)