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September 29, 2011


There’s a hole in my stomach where my muscle should be

After 20 months of wondering, I’ve finally learned the truth.  I have diastasis.
Which basically means that my stomach muscles separated during pregnancy because I was so freaking huge.  And that without a whole lotta specific ab type of work, I will never get my body “back” to the way it used to be.
I’d brought up my concerns to a couple of pilate instructors in the past about this, but (without examining me) they declared that I probably didn’t have it because I’m fairly thin.  And I am.  But, no matter what, there’s this poochy, jiggly, sticky outy belly thing going on.
Even the trainer who examined me on Tuesday initially said I didn’t have it.
And then she stuck two fingers straight into my stomach.  It’s so freaky.

Where I live, there’s a stroller fit class once a week (for free) and I did it for the first time on Tuesday (after 20 months!  Go me! Haha.)  She’s trained in the Julie Tupler technique and I don’t know….maybe I’ll see about some sessions with her to try to get rid of it and strengthen my core.
I admit there’s 1/2 of me that says “You’re 42, you had twins, who cares?”  And the other less self-assured 1/2 that says “You’re only 42, why not look your best and get rid of the mummy tummy?”

Anyone else get this and have you done any work on it–like the Tupler technique?

Here’s a link to some great before and after photos.  If I do this, I’m aiming for #12!