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November 5, 2011


Dirt! Dirt! Clean! Clean!

My boys love to clean.  They hate dirt.  Um, we might have had something to do with this.
I really hope they aren’t going to end up terribly OCD about the state of clean, because right now–dirty things drive them crazy.
Not getting dirty.
But a dirty floor.  Kitty litter.  When something spills or drops on the floor or the table.  They need to pick it up, clean it up.
They learned months ago to go get a wipe or a paper towel and clean up.  Also, they live for the morning hand vac session (the bathroom gets cleaned every morning because the kitty litter box is in there).  They won’t step foot in the bathroom until the ‘dirt dirt’ has been cleaned up. Hey, I don’t like feeling kitty litter on my bare feet either, who can blame them?
And oh yeah, they give good vac.
When they are in the bathtub, they love to take the wash cloth and scrub the sides of the tub and walls–and people, they have never seen ME do that.
But I do have a habit of picking up bits of kitty litter off the living room carpet when we are sitting and playing….
They love, love, love to throw dirty things away.  They hate seeing garbage on the street–because they know it belongs in the trash can!  
They’ve been throwing their own diapers in the trash can for months and bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry.
It’s awesome.  They really do imitate what they see every day and I guess they see me doing a lot of cleaning!
They really are my worker bees and it’s great how much they just always want to ‘help’.  I hope it lasts!

Here’s a cute video of some cleaning in action:  We decided to carve pumpkins with the twins….FUN! Oh yeah, they picked up every single pumpkin seed afterwards and took them to the trash can.