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November 9, 2011


Packing Up the Baby Stuff

One advantage of living in a small space is that you can’t really hold on to the stuff you don’t use/need.  Well, I guess you can, but you’ll be on Hoarders.
As the twins have outgrown things–bouncers, clothing, carriers–I’ve sold it as fast as I could either on my Twin Mom’s Club classifieds or on CL.
It’s always a little bittersweet, but mostly I’m glad to have more free space (especially the bouncer/swing plastic crap!).
This past weekend, I started gathering toys.  So many (too many) toys.  I put them all in a big box, took away most of the other toys and waited to see if they would play with them.  Eh, not so much.
These weren’t even their baby toys, but nevertheless these almost-2-year-olds are over and done with H.aba blocks and activity cubes.  I catalogued and boxed up all of the toys that I’ll now try to sell.
And I was sad.
Actually, I couldn’t part with them all.  We aren’t having anymore children, but I keep a few small things from each stage that I just can’t bear to sell/donate.

Now that they are entering the “pretend play” (shopping cart filled with food, farm and animals, airplane and people) and want “things that GO” (trains, cars, scooters, trikes), or things they can build (Duplos and soon, Legos) I’m a little lost with what toys will get me through the dark, cold winter (113 days til the beach!).

We don’t have much room inside and I get them outside twice a day to play in the park.  But there are going to be so many days we just can’t be outside at all unless it’s to fiercely bundle up and walk to the indoor play space or to someone’s house for a playdate.

I believe my FIL is going to buy them an art table like this:
I need ideas for art supplies and things we can do around the house.

We thought about a play kitchen, but honestly the only place we could put it is in their bedroom and there is NO way they would stay back there and ‘pretend’ to cook when what they really want is to be under my feet while I am cooking!  I’ve learned to just set them up with kitchen things and cook fast.
The idea of a train table is enticing, but there is a big store about a 10 minute walk from our place that has a huge Tho.mas the Train table set up in the toy section and we go play with it a couple of times a week.  Why buy it when we can go there??

Those of you with 2-3 year old’s, tell me–what worked for you and what do you wish you’d not bought?
The grandparents are asking for Holiday gift ideas and I’d like to be prepared.
And Chicken has the logic of “Oh, we just got rid of a bunch of toys–let’s buy more, more, more!” and I’m all like, “NO!”
Anything without batteries and along the lines of Montessori would be great!