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November 2011


Dirt! Dirt! Clean! Clean!

My boys love to clean.  They hate dirt.  Um, we might have had something to do with this.
I really hope they aren’t going to end up terribly OCD about the state of clean, because right now–dirty things drive them crazy.
Not getting dirty.
But a dirty floor.  Kitty litter.  When something spills or drops on the floor or the table.  They need to pick it up, clean it up.
They learned months ago to go get a wipe or a paper towel and clean up.  Also, they live for the morning hand vac session (the bathroom gets cleaned every morning because the kitty litter box is in there).  They won’t step foot in the bathroom until the ‘dirt dirt’ has been cleaned up. Hey, I don’t like feeling kitty litter on my bare feet either, who can blame them?
And oh yeah, they give good vac.
When they are in the bathtub, they love to take the wash cloth and scrub the sides of the tub and walls–and people, they have never seen ME do that.
But I do have a habit of picking up bits of kitty litter off the living room carpet when we are sitting and playing….
They love, love, love to throw dirty things away.  They hate seeing garbage on the street–because they know it belongs in the trash can!  
They’ve been throwing their own diapers in the trash can for months and bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry.
It’s awesome.  They really do imitate what they see every day and I guess they see me doing a lot of cleaning!
They really are my worker bees and it’s great how much they just always want to ‘help’.  I hope it lasts!

Here’s a cute video of some cleaning in action:  We decided to carve pumpkins with the twins….FUN! Oh yeah, they picked up every single pumpkin seed afterwards and took them to the trash can.  


Hello Brother, Hello Sister

We’ve got 1/2 sibs out there.  Looks like 8 that I know of.  Most of them on the East Coast.

Last year I started to sign up for the Donor Sibling Registry–paid the $50 and everything, but then Chicken wasn’t so keen on the idea so I didn’t go through with it.

This year she’s had some time to think about it and so last week I signed up for the free registry on CCB.  And….then I got an email.  Single mom with a 4 year old.  Lives about an hour away.  
I was stunned.  I knew there was someone in NY and I had a feeling they could be in the area, but still…there’s nothing like the knowing.
There’s a couple in PA, RI, MA, Seattle and Portland.  Some families with twins, some with singletons.  Heavy on the boys.
We’ve started connecting on FB.   I’ve seen the photos and heard about the similarities.  It’s crazy.

The mom who made initial contact has met all of the other families and kids.
Well….we have always wanted to visit Seattle and Portland….now we have a really good reason to make it happen!

I’m excited.  I came from a very small family and don’t have a close relationship with my siblings at all.  The boys have us and they have each other, but they only have one close cousin through Chicken’s family and none close by.  

This past week we had the chance to watch “Donor Unknown” on PSB and I thought, “Yeah, I want to go forward with this. I want to see if we can find the other families.  I want to give my kids the opportunity for a bigger family.”  If, when they are older and they choose something else, then that is up to them.

For those of you who saw this documentary–did you cringe when you found out how the ‘star’ donor #150 turned out 20 years later?  Brilliant, but a crazy stoner?
Chicken and I just looked at each other and said, “Oh god I hope our donor turns out ok.”  We do have an open donor, so in just 16 short years our sons might also be taking a trip to California looking for some answers.  And whatever they find, I hope we can all handle it with grace.

In the meantime…looks like we’re going to do some more family-building after all.


It’s True, I Signed Up for NaBloPoMo

And I mean I officially signed up.  Never been that committed before, but things are a-changing around here.
I’ve always got a ton of ‘posts’ that I’m writing in my head plus I have a lot of drafts going, so I know I’ve got the material–I just have to get it out there.

The other thing….and I’ve been thinking about this a LOT….is that I’m thinking of taking this show out on a bigger road.  No, I’m not going to try my hand at stand up comedy.
But, I do need a job of sorts.  Anything that will pay me even a little bit of money would be nice.
And I like writing.  I have an established blog.  And for some reason, people stop by here every day.  Quite a few people.  
When I get an email from a total stranger saying “thank you for writing this”….well.  WOW.  Thank YOU for reading.

I didn’t start this blog to make money.  I had no idea what I was doing when I started.  All I knew was that I’d been lurking around reading everyone else’s blog for over a year and there were things I needed to say!  I still don’t know what I’m doing (hello, have you seen my generic template?!) but I finally have a bit of ‘free’ time to work, learn and put forth more effort into my little blog.

Blogging has been an amazing form of therapy for me.  I have formed so many relationships, made friends and been able to be a part of a community that never would have existed in my ‘real life’.
That community started out as lesbians TTC, then my circle grew to include infertility, then women trying to conceive through egg donation, then to pregnant with twins and raising twins and lesbian families and gay dads and now….I’m branching out to the travel families.
So many of us ended up here because of the TTC process.  Many of us left after ‘goal achieved’.  Some of us kept blogging…sporadically….because life with a newborn sure does take away your blogging time.  Others decided they were too private to be a mommy blogger and put there family ‘out’ there.
I’ve had my own experience with a crazy lady or two that made me think twice about whether to go private or even shut down the blog altogether.

In the end, I decided to keep writing.  Put it all out there–I am who I am.  If I’m able to find a way to make some money off my blog while still staying true to the Pufferfish, I hope you will support me and keep reading.

Or maybe you’ll at least stick around for the cute photos.

Who needs a step stool when you can wash your hands and brush your teeth while standing on top of the kitty litter box? (more space savings tips from “How to Live in a One Bedroom Apartment with Twins” coming up!)

I believe Grunter tried to push W2 off right after I took this photo.  
But, oh the love.  If only for a moment!  
Yes, we have a map of the world as our shower curtain.  
I like to learn geography on the toilet.



The Queen Bees and Their Worker Bees
As an adult, I have had the lamest Halloween costumes.  Chicken and I are usually too cheap and too lazy to do the holiday right.
Last year, I made sure the boys had adorable costumes for their first Halloween, but we didn’t bother to dress up at all.  When I saw how many other parents were dressed up with their kids, I vowed to do things differently!  

This year, by the beginning of September, I knew what we were going to be and had everything ordered. Go me!
We had so much fun out with the boys (even if they don’t look so thrilled–they were a little overwhelmed!) and went to a couple of parties Friday and Sunday.

Monday evening we took the boys trick or treating for the first time. In true NYC style, we hit 4 bars, a nail salon, a Chinese massage parlor (where they took many photos of us), a Mexican grocery, a coffee shop, 2 restaurants and a pizza joint. 
When we got home I taught them the true spirit of Halloween: Mommy gets the good stuff and the crappy stuff goes to the trick or treaters now knocking on our door! (Bonus: no candy to buy!)
Our baby bees then happily handed out all of their candy and went to bed–which never would’ve happened if they’d actually eaten any of the candy–and we ate the snickers.

This morning when we were getting ready to go out they were both asking for “Bee Bee”.  After 3 days of playing dress up, how do you explain it’s all over?!

Can’t wait til next year…I’ve already got some ideas brewing….