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December 13, 2011


Bad NT Scan for One Twin–HELP

Hey Readers,

One of my best friends lives in the Netherlands is about 13-14 weeks pregnant with twins.  She’s had a really hard time getting pregnant, has had repeated blighted ovums/miscarriages…you name it.  This was her 3rd IVF cycle and she finally got pregnant with twins.  
Everything was going really well until she went for the NT scan.
Here are her results:

I had one child with a Nuchal translucency (NT) of 1.6 and this one was considered low risk 1:1800.  The other one has an NT of 4.0 which is actually very high risk…sadly.  But, what can I do.  I got an estimate of 1:5 for Down’s and this is with the NT and the blood combined. 

Can anyone share their experience with a bad NT reading/bloodwork?  Did you do a CVS and/or an Amnio?  Did you have the child?  Outcome?

She’s going ahead with the testing, I believe soon.  It will tell her more and she can elect to do a reduction at that point if she wishes.

I am so very sad for her and her husband.  I just want to hear some voices who have been there, if you could leave a comment.
Or just wish her well.  Thanks.