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February 4, 2012


Single Mom Traveling to Costa Rica with Toddler Twins?

Maybe.  No, we aren’t breaking up.
But, I may be solo for part of the time in Costa Rica.  It could be a couple of days or a full week, including, but not limited to, the flight home.  Turns out Chicken might need to go back to the USA for some meetings.  She’s up for a big promotion and really needs to work her ass off.
Good thing I’m always up for a challenging adventure, right?!

It’s also a very good thing that I have changed our housing accommodations.  The first house I rented was very cute and on a perfect toddler-friendly beach, but about 6km away from the main town.  The house also was “open” directly to the outside with the exception of the bedrooms, like this:

Do you see the staircase on the left leading downstairs?  Do you see how the jungle is beside the staircase and there are no walls?  Yes, this is typical, rustic style.  The ‘yard’ is gated which (hopefully) meant the boys would be contained somewhat, somewhere in the ‘yard’.  Right outside the gate is the beach.  A little scary.  Also, maybe not so secure regarding crime, which….well, it’s Central America.  There is crime.
Also, with this house, we had no easy options for getting them to the preschool.  It would’ve involved chasing them around the yard (finding them first, hoping they hadn’t escaped), biking 2 km up the road to another village, putting them on a bus (with us) and then bussing it 5km to the school and arriving by 8:30am.
Then….doing it all over again in the heat of the day at 12:30.
Not ideal.

I took a little hit with a cancellation fee, but it was well worth it.  I found a house with real doors–that lock! And walls! And the most awesome wrap around deck.

 View of the beach from the deck
 A sort of real couch and coffee table downstairs–with walls!
 One of two staircases (one on each side of the house) and my tiki bar kitchen
And a Sloth!  He lives there!  How freaking cool is that?!
The house was only $200 more than the other house and while the yard is not gated, at least I can contain the boys inside until I go out with them.  It’s also much more secure and I will feel safer here.  
Plus, the best part is that the preschool is 3 min walking distance.  And we are only 5-10 min walking into town.
I can do this alone if I have to.  I’m hoping that her business trip overlaps with the time period her father and his partner are visiting….but if not….I’ll have a great story to tell, I’m sure!