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May 3, 2012


Kids Say the Cutest Things

Whoop Whoop is passionate.  Oh my goodness that boy is bursting with energy, love, joy and passion. He smiles most of the day and easily breaks out in giggles and shrieks.  It’s hard not to smile when you are around him.  But when he’s really excited and/or tired, he bites.
It’s not a mean thing or an aggressive thing.  He hugs you and he may bite you.  Yesterday he was hugging the pillow and bit a hole in the pillowcase.  He has bitten a hole in my shirt.  We think he just gets so overwhelmed with his enormous amount of passion that he has to release it.
But it hurts.

Last night, he was having one of his moments in the crib where you just knew if you went in for the hug you would risk being bitten.  But oh, it would be a great hug.  The tightest hug and his entire body would tremble and shake because he has such strong feelings.
I said to him, “Whoop Whoop, I really want to give you a good night hug and kiss but I don’t want you to bite me.  It scares Mommy when you bite me.  It hurts.”
From the dim darkness I heard a little voice pipe up, “I wuf you, Mommy.  Don’t be scared.  I won’t bite you.”
And there is Grunter, arms outstretched over the crib railing reaching towards me.  I turned to pick him up and got the most precious hugs and kisses from him as he told me over and over that he loved me.
Could it get any better than that?
Just then I hear W2, “I wub you, Mommy.  I no bite.  I wub you.”

Sweet, sweet little boys.