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May 10, 2012


I Want Big Bed

Grunter is ahead of his brother when it comes to language and always has been.  W2 is catching up, but these days it really is all about the funny things Grunter is saying.

Tonight in the dark as I was saying night night:

“I want different bed.”
“What kind of bed?”

“Like Mommy, Mama bed.”
“A big bed?  On the floor?”
“Yeah.  With covers.  And pillows.”
“Well, we can do that.  But not right now.  Right now you have your crib.  Someday you’ll be too big for your crib and then we can get you a different bed.  But now you are still a baby and so you have a crib to sleep in.”

Currently, this ‘baby’ thing works really well for them because they both ask me multiple times a day if they are a baby with W2 wanting a lot of reassurance that he is MY baby.
“I Mommy’s baby?” he asks while pointing to himself with an almost anxious furrowed brow.
“Yes, you are my baby,” as I pull him close.
If you are to ask either one of them if they want to be big boys or babies, they will say babies.
Fine by me.

“Blue. Blue. Blue.”
“I get new bed with blue.”
“Oh, you want it to be blue sheets.”
“Yeah.  Blue covers.  And froggy pillow.”
“A froggy pillow.  OK.  Do you want some other things, like fish or boats or crabs or turtles?”
“Yeah.  Yeah!  Let’s do it!  Let’s do it, people!  Let’s do it, Mommy!”

They are staying contained in their cribs for as long as humanly possible.  While I would much rather be done with the cribs and design their room for them, I also want to remain sane.  If I just had one, I’d say OK, let’s say goodbye to the crib.  But with two.  Oh, with two, everything changes.
I am not ready to have naps dissolve into chaos with them playing and running and deliriously destroying the room–uh, actually that goes for nighttime as well.
Chicken’s ‘office’ is in their room which presents another problem.  We have 2 dressers, 2 bookshelves, files, a rolling chair, and a tall shelf in there.  The room is not exactly ‘toddler-proof-able’.  And we have never had a monitor, video or otherwise.
So, when they are let loose, it’s going to be insane for awhile I’m quite sure.

They know how to climb out of the crib.  I know they can do it.  But they’ve never actually done it.  I see them put that leg over and give my “don’t you dare” look (which is also a “Don’t f*uck with Mommy” look) and that with a little “uh uh uh” is usually all it takes.  We have also lectured them for over a year about how dangerous it is for them to try to climb out and what could happen.  Yeah, we’ve tried to keep them in by using fear, I guess.  Whatever works.

Ah, it’s almost 8:30 and I can still hear them in there singing “All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!”
I can’t even imagine if they were given the freedom to sing and dance together with no crib bars.

Off to look for froggy pillows.  Maybe then they’ll stop asking questions!

When did you move your twins to big beds?  How was it?