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June 2012


Naked Potty Training–Day 5

Things are going pretty well over here.  As good as it can be potty training 2.5 year old twins.  We’ve been out and about since Day 2 and the travel potties go everywhere we go.  W2 has peed in the middle of a lawn, on a basketball court, on a gravel path, on a sidewalk, and in front of our building.  I *could* start letting him
stand up and just go, but then he’ll want to do this and home and I’m just not ready for a pee-filled bathroom.  Also, I don’t want him to think he can just pee anywhere he wants to outside.
That could be really embarrassing at the country club golfcourse.  Not that we golf or belong to a country club.  But you know-things like that.

Plus, he’s the type who needs everything off before he’ll sit down.  Shoes off, pants off, sometimes even shirt off.  There’s no squatting with your pants around your ankles going on here.  Crocs are now the everyday shoes.  No Keens allowed.
So far, only one small accident yesterday.  He was playing outside, having too much fun and a small trickle started.  He immediately came over to me, I saw the wet place on the front and asked if he needed the potty.
The kid started to pee and stopped himself!  He wanted to use the potty!  Sure enough, he sat right down and finished up.  I was amazed.

Today at breakfast he said he needed to pee.  I helped him down and instead of running to the potty–he ran to the bathroom first. Because his hands had food on them and he wanted to wash them first.  I don’t know about you, but running water when you have to already pee??
Little dude held it and then went on the potty immediately.

This morning we had a playdate and he absolutely refused to sit on the potty before we went out OR put on pants.
So, I put him in the stroller with only a shirt, put his pants in the bag and off we went.
When we was ready to get out and ride his scooter, I told him he needed to use the potty.  Again–refusal.
I gave up.  You cannot make toddlers eat, pee or poop.
I put on his pants and figured we’d see what happens.  He never went.  Not in the potty, not in his pants.
He waited until we came back home–a good 3 hours later.  I have no idea if this is normal for day 5, but I’m blown away.

Right now, he’s naked in the crib for his nap (not that either one of them are sleeping, second day in a row of nap refusal).  The battle to get the diaper on was just not worth it, so I told him he could be naked but if he felt like going pee pee he needed to hold it.  I mean, after all, he held it for 3 hours this morning so I know he can.

I’ve almost stopped asking him constantly if he needs to go, because he just goes.  He doesn’t care about praise or emptying it or flushing it or stickers or anything.  He just goes.
Oh, but not for poop.  He tried so hard this morning but he said he was scared.  I put on a diaper-he pooped-and off came the diaper.

What do you do about the scaredy poop toddler?  Any suggestions?
Also, I read that for the naked potty training to be the absolute most effective, you should commit to being naked in the house (below the waist at least) and diaperless with loose pants/short when outside for THREE months before putting on chonies/undies.
Thoughts?  Experiences?

PS–Grunter did not want to be naked at all yesterday.  Today he is a little more curious again.  One step forward, one step back.


Summertime in New York City, It’s So Much Better at Age 2

I am in love with summer.  Aside from the dog days when the humidity heats its peak and the temps top 90s, it’s my favorite season.
Chicken and I decided to have a picnic in the park last night instead of eating dinner inside.  We got lobster rolls from my favorite shack down the street and couldn’t wait to share them with the twins.  Last summer they devoured them.  This summer?  They were both too scared that
the lobsters were going to pinch them!  Oh the fear of the lobster roll!
I had to eat two myself (the tragedy!) while the boys ended up with rice cakes and peanut butter.
Oh well, better for the budget not to get them craving lobster at age two, huh?
At least Luke’s gives a ‘frequent lobster card’ and we got a free roll last night.  Great deal!

While we were picnicing, the boys had decided to park themselves on a gravel path just outside the grassy area.  I allowed them to stay there with their construction toys, playing with the rocks and dirt, as long as they didn’t stray too far.
As I watched them immersed in play, I thought back to this time last year.  I was losing my mind!  We were seriously thinking about buying a house in Florida of all places and moving out of the city once and for all.  I suppose it’s the hump that many don’t make it through and families flee the city at this point.  The hump didn’t last forever, a few months of complete craziness but by 18 months I felt like we rounded a new corner and we’d make it.

Remembering how I felt last year made me appreciate this summer even more.  I had a feeling this age was going to be awesome and it really is.  I know many refer to this age as the ‘terrible twos’ but I’m finding it to be pretty terrific.
Yes, we have tantrums and trials, but overall it’s just FUN.  I love their spirit of independence.
And they listen.  They pay attention to the rules and follow directions and don’t go running away like maniacs anymore. Eh, most of the time.  I don’t get frazzled and freaked out with large open spaces.  We go stroller free short distances and I am fairly confident they are not going to run into the street.

One day W2 had a ball and it got away from him and rolled into the street.  Worst nightmare, right?  He ran to ME and told me his ball was in the street.  Then, I told them–in my no nonsense voice–they both needed to stay right there with their hands on the stroller while I crossed the street and retrieved the ball.  Yes, I could have put them back in the stroller, strapped them in and then gone for the ball.  But I really wanted to trust they could do this, and they didn’t fail the test.

There are so many incredible things to do here in the city and they are at a perfect age to take advantage of it.  Last summer they weren’t ready for many outings and now I have a hard time deciding what to do as we have a gazillion choices.  I have a feed for Mommy Poppins and Time Out New York Kids and I’m consistently amazed at how many kids activities are offered every single day.

I do wish there were more places I could take them by myself.  Unless it’s walkable, a location that has subway elevator access or it’s on a weekend where Chicken can come with us–we still can’t do everything I want to do.  There’s a marvelous Waldorf-based playground that meets once or twice a week in Central Park–but I have no way to get up there with both of them.  Not yet.  I think if it were just Whoop Whoop we could be out and about more because the boy loves to walk and doesn’t tire easily.  Grunter on the other hand is slow, slow, slow and wants to be picked up after a few blocks.  He’s not there, yet.  Once I feel confident of getting them to and from a bus stop/subway station (and all of those stairs) by myself we are going to be all over this city!

For now, we are having a blast riding scooters, digging in the dirt with sticks, playing in the fountains and sprinklers, having picnics, looking for construction vehicles, exploring all the parks, playing mini golf, taking long strolls, eating pizza, going to the zoo, painting, enjoying ice cream and riding our bikes and playing with all of our friends.
Normal kid stuff–right here in the big, big city.


A Day in the Life of a Toddler–Potty Training

We’ve entered nekid potty training bootcamp.  Quite by accident, I must say.  It seems that more than half of the battle of getting W2 dressed…was because he doesn’t want to wear a diaper anymore.  This child had little interest in the potty chair last week and this week….
Well, it’s just like him.  He did this to

me with breastfeeding as well!  Just when I start to categorize them and put them in little boxes, “He’s like this.  He’s going to be this way.”  They pull out one great big surprise on me.

They get a reward sticker to put on their potty.  One for pee, two for poo.
In typical W2 style, he could seriously care less about the stickers.  I have to remind him.  Bribery/rewards don’t work so well with this one.  He’s so stubborn and independent.  He’s only going to do it when he’s good and ready.  I just love his big spirit.
So, we’ve been spending the majority of our days inside.  On Wednesday we spent the entire day inside.  Thursday we ventured out once for about an hour:
Starting our day with a good wrestling match.  Note the potty chairs lined up at the ready.  I do not put them in the bathroom because they don’t want to go there and hang out by themselves.  It works much better when I put them wherever we are playing.  They go from room to room throughout the day.
A little friend came over and W2 played dress up with her brellie and shoes
After spending the morning inside I decided to venture out–without diapers on.  I packed up the travel potties and put them in loose shorts.  I tried to get them to use the regular potty chairs inside before we left.  We got 6 feet outside the lobby and they announced they wanted to use the travel potty.  Great indiscreet spot, boys. 
Waiting for the pee…. 
And we have a winner!  Grunter throws away his bag o pee all by himself 
Off to the post box to mail out some cards 
They are finally tall enough to stand on the bench, open the box and drop it in without any help 
Grunter is clapping for Whoop Whoop.  They are so pleased with themselves. 
A little swinging.  Feeling the cool breeze where a diaper used to be… 
A day is not complete without a little digger watching 
Look!  It’s digging!!
And home again to do a little singing, drumming and guitar playing before our nap.
Naked.  On my sofa.
So far, so good.
Today is Friday, day 3.  They’ve both been diaperless all morning and only one accident by Grunter.  Kind of my fault as I didn’t remind him to go pee before putting him in his booster before brekkie.  Poor guy.  He was sitting in it and really sad:(
Oh and W2 really, really wanted to poo in the potty.  He tried 3 times, then asked for a diaper.  I complied, he poo’d immediately and went back to being naked.  One step at a time…
We even went to the park and played for over an hour.  They used the travel potties in the park and no accidents in the stroller.
I’m doing diapers for naps and bed time, but other than that….I think we might be well on our way!
Of course, this means any plans have to be super close to home right now, but that won’t last forever.

My Toddler Refuses to Get Dressed

Oh Whoop Whoop.  You are such a workout, my strong little boy.
Dressing you has never been…easy.  But lately you have been taking it to the limits.
I’m tired of running around, chasing you, trying to catch you.  I’m tired of you telling me that you’ll stand up to get dressed only to have you dash off again.  I’m exhausted trying to hold you down for a diaper, a tshirt, some shorts.
I don’t bother getting
dressed myself until I’m done with you because I’m just going to be a hot, sweaty mess either way.  Might as well do it in as little clothing as possible.

I’ve tried to play games, I’ve tried having you pick out your own clothes (you have no interest) or getting dressed yourself (you had an interest but no longer).
What you prefer is to go naked.
I get that, really I do.  My mom said I was impossible to get dressed at this age and all I wanted to do was streak around naked.  But we lived on a farm deep in the countryside, not smack in the middle of Manhattan with about 12,000 people within a 2 block radius of us at any given moment.
Going out naked is not really an option.

Little Dude, I would even let you go out in chonies (undies) if you were fully potty trained.  I’m pretty sure I could convince you to put on clothes once we got downstairs.  Maybe.  Eh, maybe not.
And speaking of the potty….you are doing great!  This past week you have suddenly developed an interest and you are rocking the pee pee on the potty.  Go, you.

But now, all you want is to be naked and if I propose a diaper…you know, so we can get dressed and actually leave the house and go DO something–even when it’s something you really, really want to go–you go completely beserko at the suggestion of putting a diaper on.
You love the sandpit.  You really want to go.  And…you’ve informed me you’ll go in the sand naked and barefoot.
Ah, not in New York City you won’t.  Sorry.
OK, barefoot.

It’s because of Costa Rica, isn’t it?  I embraced my inner hippy to the max and let you roam wild.  You were naked as often as you wanted.  On the beach, in the house, playing in the sand, yes–even riding in the bike seat.  It was so easier to just let you pee in the wilds of nature (well, maybe not the house or the bike seat) than to fit you to get a diaper on.
And now that it’s warm out, you must be thinking “Hey, it’s warm!  I get to go naked!”
That must be it.
We might have to just go back to Costa Rica, huh?

Any suggestions on how to get my (almost) 2.5 year old dressed and diapered?  Oh, and he won’t wear anything with buttons.  And sometimes he’ll throw a quite spectacular fit if I’m wearing a shirt with buttons.
Life is never boring around here.


New York City for Kids–Construction Vehicles!

I don’t know about your little boys (and maybe girls?) but mine are obsessed with all things that beep, honk, move, dig, push and roll.
This makes NYC a construction vehicle paradise for kids!  You don’t have to walk far to find something under construction in this city.  And since we walk miles in our daily life, we see plenty.
It’s almost like going to Touch a Truck every single day.

The group of moms here my neighborhood have
our own FB group and most days at least one mom will blast a post on a great construction site.  Sure enough, you arrive and the site is surrounded by strollers with toddlers watching in awe.  If it weren’t for the noise and the dust, my boys would be happy to stay there watching for hours.  Actually, the noise and dust bother me.  I don’t think they even notice.

I don’t know where this fascination with ‘diggers’ as they call excavators, came from.  It certainly wasn’t pushed upon them by Chicken or I.  But it’s there and the pull is strong.
So strong, that when we went on a recent playdate there was massive fighting over a certain digger and we knew it was time to buy new toys.  They are now the proud owners of not one–but two–sets of CAT construction vehicles for kids.  These toys have become their most prized possessions.

Whoop Whoop actually wakes up and pops out of his crib asking “digger?”  Or “digger working today?” Which means, “Hey, that digger we saw yesterday that was just sitting there not digging but I had to stop and look at it for 15 minutes anyway, is that one working today?  Did the guy come back?  Can we go find it or find another one?  Right now?”
I bought a backup set of these and have them hidden because god forbid if we lose a digger–and they insist on bringing them everywhere–there are going to be massive meltdowns!

It’s better than watching TV.  Watching construction vehicles is like going to the drive in for little kids.  And now…off to find some diggers.

We watched and talked about this digger–that was not moving–for over 20 minutes.

Ah, we hit the jackpot here.  A ‘digger’ and a bulldozer like thing all in one plus a dump truck.  Awesome.