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June 17, 2012


Naked Potty Training–Day 5

Things are going pretty well over here.  As good as it can be potty training 2.5 year old twins.  We’ve been out and about since Day 2 and the travel potties go everywhere we go.  W2 has peed in the middle of a lawn, on a basketball court, on a gravel path, on a sidewalk, and in front of our building.  I *could* start letting him
stand up and just go, but then he’ll want to do this and home and I’m just not ready for a pee-filled bathroom.  Also, I don’t want him to think he can just pee anywhere he wants to outside.
That could be really embarrassing at the country club golfcourse.  Not that we golf or belong to a country club.  But you know-things like that.

Plus, he’s the type who needs everything off before he’ll sit down.  Shoes off, pants off, sometimes even shirt off.  There’s no squatting with your pants around your ankles going on here.  Crocs are now the everyday shoes.  No Keens allowed.
So far, only one small accident yesterday.  He was playing outside, having too much fun and a small trickle started.  He immediately came over to me, I saw the wet place on the front and asked if he needed the potty.
The kid started to pee and stopped himself!  He wanted to use the potty!  Sure enough, he sat right down and finished up.  I was amazed.

Today at breakfast he said he needed to pee.  I helped him down and instead of running to the potty–he ran to the bathroom first. Because his hands had food on them and he wanted to wash them first.  I don’t know about you, but running water when you have to already pee??
Little dude held it and then went on the potty immediately.

This morning we had a playdate and he absolutely refused to sit on the potty before we went out OR put on pants.
So, I put him in the stroller with only a shirt, put his pants in the bag and off we went.
When we was ready to get out and ride his scooter, I told him he needed to use the potty.  Again–refusal.
I gave up.  You cannot make toddlers eat, pee or poop.
I put on his pants and figured we’d see what happens.  He never went.  Not in the potty, not in his pants.
He waited until we came back home–a good 3 hours later.  I have no idea if this is normal for day 5, but I’m blown away.

Right now, he’s naked in the crib for his nap (not that either one of them are sleeping, second day in a row of nap refusal).  The battle to get the diaper on was just not worth it, so I told him he could be naked but if he felt like going pee pee he needed to hold it.  I mean, after all, he held it for 3 hours this morning so I know he can.

I’ve almost stopped asking him constantly if he needs to go, because he just goes.  He doesn’t care about praise or emptying it or flushing it or stickers or anything.  He just goes.
Oh, but not for poop.  He tried so hard this morning but he said he was scared.  I put on a diaper-he pooped-and off came the diaper.

What do you do about the scaredy poop toddler?  Any suggestions?
Also, I read that for the naked potty training to be the absolute most effective, you should commit to being naked in the house (below the waist at least) and diaperless with loose pants/short when outside for THREE months before putting on chonies/undies.
Thoughts?  Experiences?

PS–Grunter did not want to be naked at all yesterday.  Today he is a little more curious again.  One step forward, one step back.