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August 22, 2012


Weaning My 2.5 Year Old

The day came.  And then it lingered…
I didn’t set out to wean him.  In fact, I was quite happy with our relationship but I also knew that it would come to an end.  Probably sooner than later.

When I set out to ‘try’ breastfeeding my twins, I was completely clueless.
For some reason, I came home from the hospital determined to breastfeed but hadn’t even opened my pump, read the instructions or was aware that I needed to sterilize the parts.  Not good things to discover on the night you get home and realize you need to pump–now.
I knew there could be complications.  I knew there was a learning curve.  I vaguely knew of quite a few things about breastfeeding.  There were books on breastfeeding decorating my shelves.  Not that I’d read them.
I suppose, I was in complete denial that there would be any problems whatsoever.  Or maybe I figured it would be so hard that it wouldn’t work and I’d just switch to formula.  After all, I never was a very good student if the subject didn’t come naturally to me (a huge weakness of mine that as you can see plagues me to this day).

The fact that I ended up being so passionate about breastfeeding came as quite a shock to me.  Especially because it was to this day one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (and stuck to it).  This ‘thing’ had a tight grip on me and I would not fail.
Looking back, I probably should’ve given myself a break.  I should have looked at it as a great thing to do, but not as something I “failed” at doing.
And even though I breastfed one twin for 18 months and the other for 2.5 years, there are those in the militant camp who might still chastise my efforts because–from time to time–I did supplement with formula.  Yes, overall I breastfed but there were times