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September 3, 2012


Digital Nomads? Location Independent? Vagabonds?

Travel, and how to do it long term, is never far from my thoughts these days.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do with my kids even before I had kids.
Having twins threw a tiny wrench into the plans as it’s a wee bit harder to travel with two tiny tots instead of one (and then perhaps, another) but we have managed so far and done quite well.
Now we’re gearing up for our next big adventure.  
A year off starting September/October 2013.  Well, at this point, we have agreed on travels through South East Asia and South India for one year and as we go along we can assess.
Just yesterday Kate told me “Let’s just agree that if we are miserable after six months, we’ll call it quits and come back home.”
I solemnly told her, “Of course.  Or, I’ll at least let you buy a ticket and you can go home (just kidding).”
Quitting is not really an option for me–I’m ready to travel for 2 or 3 years!
I love the planning part of travel, but I hate the waiting part.
Right now it’s all about:
  • waiting, 
  • saving money, 
  • accumulating airline points and hotel points, 
  • planning for roadschooling/homeschooling/unschooling,
  • cleaning out the apartment by selling/donating/storing our stuff,
  • finding the perfect long-term subletter for our apartment,
  • oh, and figuring out who is going to take care of our sweet cat (mom?).
While we wait, I ponder “What will we become as a family?”
Will we be a wandering vagabond family taking a year off and not working?
Will we successfully find work along the way and become location independent digital nomads?
Will Kate be lured into an international lifestyle and decide to search for full time work in Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong?
The ideal goal is to make money while traveling.  HOW to do this is the hot question.
Our plan is for Kate to work about 20 hours a week while on the road.  There are projects she can do remotely and a possibility she can do some work with her current company as well.
I would also like to be working and am currently researching ways towards creating my own income stream.
So here we are.  One year to go.  Or maybe only four more months.
There’s been a lot of talk lately of leaving after Christmas…..