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September 6, 2012


Planning for our Trip–Countries to Visit

I’ve been asked by so many people, “Where exactly are you going on this big adventure?”

The answer is–we’re not ‘exactly’ sure.
We have a list of places where we’d like to spend time and things we’d like to see, but we don’t have the year planned out, nor do we want to.
There will be times we arrive in a place and find ourselves thinking “When can
we leave?” (Answer: ¬†Give it 3 days, if you still hate it, listen to your gut and get out.)
And then again there will be places we adore and we’ll never want to leave (we know this from experience when we got ‘lost’ on Utila, Honduras for far longer than we’d anticipated).
There will be fabulous Air Asia tickets that go on sale and direct us to another far flung destination because for that price, why not?
We’ll be guided by weather patterns and monsoons and heat and rain.
Oh the places we’ll go!
We’ll meet other families who will share their stories and our travel plans will change all over again.

But since I’m a planner, of course I need to map it out.
Here are the countries we hope to visit–not necessarily in this order, although we will be flying into Bangkok and we do hope to finish and fly out of South India.

Thailand – 3 months
Cambodia – 1 month
Vietnam – 1 month
Laos – 1 month
Burma – 1 month
Indonesia – 1 month
Malaysia – 3 months
South India – 2 months

Yes, I know that is 13 months.  Obviously things will change here and there, but this is the overall main plan.
We would love, love, love to visit South Africa but I just don’t know if that will happen as it will increase our budget greatly.

If we decide to extend our trip to what we refer to as “The 2 Year Plan” (and yes, this has definitely been discussed) then we’ll be heading back to the Americas…..South America.