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May 9, 2013


Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Cherry Blossom Festival

Every spring the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival with an enormous Japanese Festival, planned for the peak of the blossoms.  It’s an amazing celebration, but also an incredibly expensive one at $20/person.
I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to shell out $80 for a family of four to see….a garden.  Yes, a magnificent garden, but for $80, I’ll pass.
Here’s a secret:

 It’s FREE on Tuesdays!

That’s right, all day on Tuesdays the entrance to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is free for everyone.
Since we choose to skip the extravagant (overpriced) festival, I opted to take the twins to see the Cherry Blossoms–for free–before the blooms were gone.
We were not disappointed.  The weather was perfect and I knew it was going to be a great day when the boys helped me back a lunch, pick out their clothes and get dressed.  These are no small feats before 9am with 3-year-old twin boys who prefer to go without clothes for the majority of the day!
Digging in the dirt.  They could’ve done it for hours.  Sticks + patch of dirt = babysitter.
A friend, who happens to be part of a future nomadic family herself (they launch for Central America this July), joined me.  Check out her journey at Witness Humanity.  Jenni is a nanny and her three munchkins and my boys had a blast running through the trees and digging in the dirt.
What a beautiful morning.

 One way to fit in some cardio–CHASE!

So…this is what I look like relaxed with just one small baby. I like it.  But no more!
My main squeezes

Do I see more Brooklyn Botanical Garden playdates in the future?
With this amazing weather and the free admission…why not?