All About the Boys–21 months (and a week!)

The boys are loving the nanny and don’t cry when I leave anymore which makes my heart sing.  They are understanding almost everything she says and say many words in Spanish as well.  In fact, they say “Agua” but have never said “water”.  They say “Si’, but not yes.  When someone leaves now they blow kisses and say “Ciao”.  I do believe I heard W2 say “Ciao Bebe” when I left the other day.  They are funny guys.
Grunter opened his Halloween card from his nana yesterday and a $5 bill tumbled out.  He held it up to me and I told him it was money.  Gleefully he exclaimed “MONEY!” and promptly shoved it in the (right hand) back pocket of his skinny jeans.  Because he has been watching his mommy do that for 21 months.  They are watching and parroting every thing I do.
Grunter’s new thing is to pretend he’s a fish and/or swimming.  He will suddenly lay down–you know in the middle of the dirty NY sidewalk and ‘swim’ complete with blowing bubbles on the pavement.  No one has been sick in a really, really long time so I just keep telling myself that all these germs (Did your banana fall on the ground?  Looks fine to me, five second rule–eat it.) are good for their immune system.
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