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*****I wrote this last Friday
The more we think and look and talk and plan….the more we are excited.
As much as we ‘love’ NYC, in reality we have talked about moving for a good 4 years now. We really thought we’d move to the West Coast. We went to LA and did a real estate tour there…and 10 days later came to the conclusion that it didn’t fit. Then we considered San Diego. Lastly, we talked about San Francisco and while on the trip there in February, we decided ‘no’. It’s too far from our family, we don’t like that the ocean is so cold and rough and the cost of living is almost as high as NYC.
We have always said that if we were going to make a move from NYC, that it would not be the burbs, it would be a MOVE. Somewhere completely new and far from NYC. Although we’ve joked about “we’re going to end up in Florida” before…we DO talk about moving there every single time we visit.
And, well, it’s true what they say. When you have kids, everything changes. We didn’t think it would happen to us. We thought we could hold on to a bit of that cool, lesbian hipster with kids status. But it got us. Whatever “it” is, “it” firmly has a hold on us and won’t let go. And you know what? We like “it”. We are also scared of “it”….I’ve lived here for 13 years…and Chicken hates change…but I am ready for a new adventure.
Last night I sat down and made a list of things I would miss. I’m big on lists to sort out my thoughts and see things in a logical light.
I listed THREE things and then stopped, completely stumped. THREE. And one of those things was Trader Joe’s! For God’s sake, they have TJ’s all over America, it’s not like we need to stay here to go to a crowded grocery store!! Although, our new smaller city does not have a TJ’s, so yes, I will miss it.
The other two things? Walking everywhere and our friends.
And then I realized: Once these guys hit that stage where they don’t want to stay in the stroller I won’t be walking everywhere like I am now and life will be a lot harder trying to run errands. So, easily walking everywhere with the kids–is short lived.
As far as our friends go…well, I know of 2 other twin mom friends of mine who are moving out of my neighborhood, another friend with a singleton who is moving (also to Florida!), another friend who just got moved to PA and one who is moving to Portland. Two other great mom friends have kids the same age but they are both pregnant again and they may not realize it yet, but I bet they move, too!
Like that blog post I wrote about friends and nobody stays here long term…yeah. Very few do. It seems like the ones that do stay in NYC are loaded with cash (like my friend with two kids–she’s a Google millionaire) or have an old school rent control apartment that’s too good to give up so they suck it up and do it (like the twins downstairs in the one bedroom). I know there’s more to it than that, but that’s what it feels like right now.
There are SO many amazing, wonderful things about this city. I love it. BUT, we don’t do any of those things anymore. We either don’t have the time, the energy or the money (or all three). We are both ready for a life less complicated. It’s time for a change.
Chicken has to have the ‘complete’ conversation with her new boss and make sure everything is 100% and then we will go down and house hunt in person.
Right now, her dad is down there and he’s house hunting for us! We send him links of places we like and he goes to see them! It’s so awesome. This morning he looked at what we thought could be our dream home. Almost 3,000 square feet, double lot, swimming pool, screened back porch, fireplace, hardwood floors
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