MIL Dramarama

So a few weeks ago, my MIL and her husband came down for the afternoon to see the twins.

Chicken had gone to the office for the morning and wasn’t back yet when they arrived.
When they came in and she reached for a baby, I asked them both (as I ask ALL visitors), to please wash their hands first (as well as leaving their shoes at the door which they always comply).
MIL freaked. Claimed her hands were clean and I was being ridiculous. Balked. Rolled her eyes and complained all the way to the sink. As she complained I said our ped had advised it because the boys were born early and it was the safe thing to do and then she called our ped ridiculous.
I was so pissed, but held my tongue.
Folks, this is New York City. It’s fucking dirty. By the time you get to my apartment, no matter how clean your hands MIGHT have been in the car (which is probably not that clean because the last I was aware they don’t have sinks in autos) you have touched your car handle, two security door handles of my building, a security box button, an elevator button and my front door knob. There are about 1,000 people who come in and out of this building on a daily basis with all of the residents, delivery people, staff, day help, etc.
Your hands are no longer clean and you WILL wash them before you touch my babies. My babies, my house, my rules.
But remember, this is the same woman I asked to please not watch TV when she had the babies for the evening (in Argentina) and they watched TV all night long and then told us how much the babies just LOVED the TV.
What do you do about a situation like this?? Then, to top it all off, we learned from a cousin this weekend that she has been bitching about this incident! That she couldn’t believe that “Puffer asked me to WASH MY HANDS!” and that her feelings were so hurt. That she felt we’d gotten closer in Argentina and that now she was marginalized.
For the record, we asked her to wash her hands, or to use antibacterial gel every single time we baby handled in Argentina and she would most of the time–REFUSE. Especially the antibacterial gel.
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