One Month

Wow, that went by in slow motion and on fast forward all at the same time.

We made it one month, kids!
It is really incredible to see how much you have changed and how much we’ve learned in such a short amount of time.
When we came home with you, it was a bit chaotic, but after a week or so, we got into the groove of things. The first week was pretty smooth sailing as you slept a lot, but then again your mommy was still on percocet for pain management, so that probably had something to do with it. The second week wasn’t too bad either. Sure there was lack of sleep and I was trying to get the hang of breast feeding, but we thought we had this mommy thing down. But at the end of the two weeks…you woke up!
I’m sure if I were born 4 weeks early, I’d want to sleep a bit longer as well.
We couldn’t be happier even as we have suffered through a cold and more sleep deprivation than we thought humanly possible.
You are both so incredibly different. You look different, you are different sizes, you cry differently, want to be held and soothed differently. Twins, yes. But same same? No.
Max, you have gone from having the name “Grunter” to being nicknamed “Barker”. Kid, you have a set of lungs on you! You don’t cry it out like some babies (your brother). You bark it out. You can be perfectly content and all of the sudden you let out a huge, earsplitting bark of a cry. It’s as if you are saying “What are you people doing?! I’m a baby, pay all of your attention to ME.”
Sometimes, you let out a bark and then that’s it. You just had a bark in you. It meant nothing. Carry on.
You are not too fond of the bouncy seat just yet, but you enjoy being swaddled (well, you hate the process, but you’re happy after we’ve done it) and put in a boppy pillow to hang out or in the car seat swing. Mostly, you would just like to be held or worn, but sadly this is not always possible.
Your brother, on the other hand, well….when Sebastian cries you’ll better pay attention. Or as we say “I need you. He’s about to blow.” Sebastian, you will scrunch your face up in pain and start out a slow wait that crescendos immediately. It is a cry that could be recorded to remind teenagers to always use condoms. It is SUCH a sad cry and you get yourself incredibly worked up. Your face and practically your entire body turn beet red and we hate to see this.
Thankfully, we can *usually* calm you down by putting you on our chests. For this, you have gone from the nickname Whoop Whoop to Tree Frog.
Oh little Tree Frog, to be splayed out on a mommy chest, that is your favorite thing in the world. If you are really going beserk, we let you suck on our thumb and that’s heaven to you as well. We tried giving you a pacifier twice but both times we had problems with breast feeding afterwards, so no paci for you mister. Not yet anyway.
If all else fails, your Chicken Mommy has been diligent about trying all five “S’s” of the Happiest Baby on the Bl.ock and she is a great baby whisperer. Much better than me.
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