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August 27, 2013
Jason Linkins

Impeachment Fantasies Fill Out The Dull Last Days Of August

Editor, Eat the Press

Idle hands are the devil's playground, especially during these dog days of summer where the "news" is supposedly "slow." And so it really shouldn't be all that surprising that the hot new thing among the people who have twiddled their thumbs nearly to death is a fresh load of piping-hot blather over maybe, you know, impeaching President Barack Obama. And I have to admit, what the idea lacks in merit, it more than makes up for in being sort of exciting, in the way that daft people launching homemade flying machines off of a cliff can be exciting.

Boehner Promises 'Whale Of A Fight' Over Debt Ceiling

John Boehner

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WATCH: Mika Unloads On Matt Lauer

Matt Mika

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New York Times Hacked?

New York Times

McCain Still Hopeful On Immigration

John Mccain Immigration

GOP Senator: 'I'm A Global Warming Denier. I Don't Deny That.'

Tom Coburn

Obama Speaks Out On 'Thrill Kill' Of Athlete

Christopher Lane

Howard Kurtz Perving Out On Yoga Instructors Is Now 'Media Reporting'

New Photos Emerge Of Bombing Suspect's Arrest


Obama May Need Republican Help If He Picks Summers For Fed

Barack Obama

WATCH: Why Dick Cheney Won't Apologize For Iraq

Dick Cheney

Banking Crisis Bystanders Face Foreclosure Hell


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WATCH: The Most Blistering Trump Comparison Yet

Donald Trump In Metro Detroit

Gay Veterans' Spouses Still Getting Screwed Over

Gay Veterans

Yosemite Fire Threatens San Francisco's Water, Power

Yosemite Fire

Mark Your Calendars!

Iphone 5s Release Date

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Fired Fox Executive Has Warning For Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes

Ex-JPMorgan Trader ARRESTED


Probable Cause Of Mass Dolphin Deaths Identified

Bottlenose Dolphin

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WATCH: Olbermann Throws Punches In TV Return


Starbucks CEO Takes Firm Obamacare Stance

Media Consensus: We're Bombing Syria

Richard Engel

State Judge Hands Down 'Monumental' Gay Marriage Decision

Gay Marriage

How Did Old Navy Jeans End Up In A Factory Employing 12-Year-Olds?

Old Navy Bangladesh

Zimmerman Asks State To Pay Legal Fees After Acquittal

George Zimmerman Smile

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Teacher Who Raped Suicidal Student Gets 30 Days Jail


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Teen With Rare Disease Has Body Of 110-Year-Old

Ali Hussain

Happy Birthday, LBJ!

Lbj Birthday

WATCH: Gerald Ford Testifies About Assassination Attempt

Gerald Ford Lynette Squeaky Fromme

WATCH: Colin Powell Calls Out Cheney

Colin Powell Natgeo

Should Special Ed Kids Be Held To The Same Standards As Their Peers?


WATCH: Journalist Goes Topless During Interview With Mayor

Lori Welbourne

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Painting Of Putin In Lingerie Seized By Police

Putin Painting

Kourtney Kardashian Half-Naked In New Instagram Photo

Scott Disick

5 Relationship Rules You Don't Have To Follow

Relationship Rules

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Balancing Dog

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Trailer Reveals McConaughey's Shocking Weight Loss

Matthew Mcconaughey

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The Best Hotel Room Hacks

Hotel Room Workout

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Burger King Unveils Weird New Offering

Burger King

WATCH: Here Are Really Confused Cats Being Really Adorable

Seriously Confused Cats

Maybe The Most Terrifying Prank Ever

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World's Biggest Prehistoric Fish Was HOW Long?

Giant Fish

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Why Sharon Stone Is Urging Younger Actresses To Get Naked

Sharon Stone

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