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Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Date of Birth
May 28, 1977
Birth Place
Providence, R.I.
The tribe has spoken – and Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn't going anywhere. More than any other contestant in the Survivor's history, this spunky, sporty standout from 2001's The Australian Outback has parlayed her 15 minutes of reality TV fame into a lasting career.

After her final-four finish, the Puma shoe designer landed a Style Network hosting gig and, soon afterward, a coveted co-host spot on ABC's The View. Once on the talk show, she quickly established herself as the lone conservative voice, often clashing with Rosie O'Donnell – who prematurely left the show in 2007 after their infamous on-air confrontation. But the mother of three continued to reign in the gabfest arena, winning an Outstanding Talk Show Host Emmy with the ladies of The View in 2009. Four years later, after a decade with the ABC daytime show, Hasselbeck announced her departure to co-host Fox & Friends.

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The parents of three ban technology at the dinner table, reveal their favorite breakfast – and show off their Milk moustaches


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Five Fun Facts

  1. In 1997, Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck had their first date, which lasted 14 hours: they had dinner at a local Italian restaurant, shared a chaste first kiss – on the 50-yard line of their college's (Boston College) football stadium – and, after finding themselves inadvertently locked out of the dorm, grabbed breakfast at IHOP."I always thought it was fate," Hasselbeck told the Boston Globe in 2004.
  2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck's luxury item on Survivor: The Australian Outback? A self-made "immunity" headdress she wore for good luck.
  3. In 2006, Elisabeth Hasselbeck fumed on-air about an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where a 30-year-old New Yorker – named Elizabeth Hassenbeck – is raped and murdered. "I think it's socially irresponsible and gruesomely suggestive," she said on The View.
  4. In September 2007, singer Barry Manilow pulled out of an appearance on The View after learning he would be interviewed by the conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck. "I've always been a big supporter of the show," he wrote on his Web site, "but I cannot compromise my beliefs."
  5. Elisabeth Hasslebeck's quirkiest pastime? Creating elaborate sidewalk-chalk drawings at local playgrounds.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Biography

early 1990s

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The Softball Swan

Elisabeth Filarski – the elder child of Ken, an architect, and Elizabeth (with a "z"), a lawyer – enjoys an athletic childhood in Cranston, R.I. She attends St. Mary's Academy Bay-View, where she's a member of a state-champion softball team. "The years growing up were so important to me," she tells the Providence Journal in 2004. "The support I've always had from my parents is amazing. They've always let me go beyond the norm."

late 1990s

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

College Years with Tim Hasselbeck

Filarski studies art at Boston College, where she captains the Division-1 softball team to two Big East championships and meets the college's charismatic quarterback, Tim Hasselbeck (left). In the summer of 1997, Hasselbeck asks Filarski out for the first time. Of their romance, Filarksi tells the Boston Globe in 2004, "I always thought it was fate." In 1999, she earns a Masters of Fine Arts with a focus on large-scale paintings and industrial design.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Survivor's Sweetheart

Filarski – now working as a shoe designer for Puma – attempts to outwit, outplay and outlast 15 other contestants in Survivor: The Australian Outback (the second season of the wildly successful reality show). She auditions as "a whimisical thing," her younger brother Ken tells PEOPLE in 2001. "She told people she was doing it as a joke." But the fierce – if perky – competitor makes it all the way to the final four. But when she returns to civilization, she's diagnosed with celiac disease, a serious immune-system reaction to gluten.

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