So Much

We finally touched down at home after a month and a half of maximizing our teachers’ vacation time. We are home, where there is a reliable internet connection, central air, and a crib that is newly adjusted to the wild, crawling, standing, non-stop-moving 8-month-old boy. There is a new (first!) tooth. There is solid food. There has been lots of swimming and a little bit of eating sand at the beach.

There was Italy!

THIS was the view from the apartment we rented in Manarola. Totally worth the hundreds of steps we had to climb to get there.

Then there was Tuscany. G was a total trooper, a real traveler, completely happy to be on the move (as long as he was in the Ergo and not in a carseat). Then my parents’ house on Long Island, where Boo much enjoyed the pool and the outdoor shower.

Then lots of guests in Provincetown, broken up by a wedding in Vermont during which Boo was watched by a lesbian couple just out of high school. Adorable.

Now we are home.

On the TTC front, there have been some setbacks. Rose’s endometriosis seems to be back full force this month. She spotted for more than two weeks before her period came at CD24. She called her primary care today and is scheduled for an ultrasound, but ultrasounds can only tell you so much about endo. She might need to get the surgery again, which she is less than psyched about – the pain of the procedure aside, the first one robbed her of tons of eggs and left behind scarring that might make it difficult to get pregnant, and if she needs it AGAIN, well…

This was supposed to be our no-holds-barred injectables IUI month. The meds were called in and the insurance went through. Then we got a call from the California Crybank, with a simultaneous “there is new and urgent information about your donor” email alert.

It seems there is “a chance” our donor is a carrier for a genetic condition called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.


Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia is included in standard newborn screening and I called my ped to make sure, and G was tested and does not have it, though he could be a carrier. Both parents have to carry the gene in order for their child to have it. So Rose and I went in to get tested for both the “common gene” and the “rare gene” and the results take 2-4 weeks to get back. Our clinic would not do an IUI with this donor until we get the results.

Oh, well. At least Rose didn’t have massive mood swings from hormone injections while our guests were in town, right?

Still nursing like it’s my job and I got my period this morning. This is good.


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5 Responses to So Much

  1. Oh wow, when we get to MA we HAVE to get our boys together, because I think they might be a match for each other!
    Sorry about the bad ttc news :( But WOW– Italy, P-town, VT– all look fantastic. And we are going to rent that place in Manarola. I have decided.
    Welcome back!

  2. Looks like you had a great vaca (not jealous at all…)! sucks about the TTC crap, but I hope it works out okay!

  3. The Professor

    Welcome back! Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Love the bathing baby picture. So cute!

  4. e

    wow it all sounds amazing — its been a quiet summer in these parts! He is looking adorable..

  5. lesboparentstobe

    Welcome back! I’ve been wondering about you all. Schroe and I are going to have to coordinate schedules because I’ve also decided I’m renting that place in Italy. It looks AMAZING! Glad you’ve found many ways to make the most of your summer vacation.

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